J1000 Wet Blaster Cabinet
with Extended LH/RH Door

The Allard J1000 Wet Blaster is a professionally designed and manufactured vapour blasting cabinet that meets the demands of the small to medium business owner.

Dustless ‘vapour’ blasting has been an increasing trend in the industry along with the focus on nuisance dust reduction on jobsites or within workshops. With over 40 years of experience in sales and service in the automotive industry, Allard Engineering has developed a precise and efficient machine capable of satisfying the most demanding metal treatment tasks.

The J1000 Wet Blaster model is capable of wet blasting various materials, aluminium, steels, cast iron and various plastics. The main element of wet blasting is the finish created through the flow of water borne abrasive and not by direct impact, thus creates a much refined finish due to the lubrication and peening action of the water/media combination during the blasting process. Media impregnation into the component is avoided extending the life of the blast media.

£4,550.00 exc. VAT

Wet Blasting Cabinet Benefits:

  • Takes up only small area
  • High capacity cabinet, allowing larger items
  • Wider door option available
  • Clean and dust free
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Indestructible polyurethane pump assembly
  • Media can be recycled to reduce operational costs
  • Usable with nearly all abrasive blasting media types
  • Light weight and movable unit at 91 kg (without water/media)
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