Vapour Blasting Cabinets

Allard Engineering’s range of vapour blasting cabinets ensure the user gets superior surface preparation and surface finishing at the end of the wet blasting process. Our vapour blasting cabinets and machines are the perfect alternative to dry blasting, reducing the generation of dust particles during the cleaning process, preventing dust particles from sticking to the surface of the metal component and causing it to require further cleaning. It is usually safer than dry blasting, as the lack of dust particles can reduce the risk of inhalation by the user.

Allard’s machines are manufactured from high quality 1050a grade aluminium and stainless steel components, which are available in various model options. Please click on a product for in-depth technical information. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to get a quote.

Vapour Blasting Accessories

Quality Testing, Standards & Compliance

Allard Engineering vapour blast machines are subjected to vigorous testing and checks in our onsite quality testing facility. All of our machines are manufactured in-house by the Allard company, well known for it’s automotive design and manufacturing expertise, as well as specialist tool design and manufacture. Every Allard Engineering product more than meets our clients expectations and does its job to the highest standard possible.

Allard Engineering and its processes are environmentally friendly and do not negatively impact the environment due to toxic or chemical waste products, ensuring each machine complies with EU Environmental Laws. Allard Engineering are currently undergoing the certification process for these products.