Wet abrasive blasting is an effective surface pre-treatment prior to adding a protective finish such as powder coating, ’2K’ paint. It also functions as an effective cleaning process for many applications that don’t require a painted finish.

As a shiny and attractive finish, wet abrasive blasting is an excellent finish for a variety of applications requiring a satin appearance. As wet abrasive blasting efficiently deburs metal objects, it is also commonly applied to equipment which requires all sharp edges to be removed.

Wet Abrasive Blasting Parts Cleaning and Surface Pre-Treatment Allard Vapour Blasting Services


Wet abrasive blasting removes rust and contaminants from the surface of a metal component, effectively preparing it for protective coating and extending its lifespan once the coating is added. It is therefore applied to a variety of metal components prior to powder coating, e-coating or plating treatments.

Parts Cleaning and Surface Pre-Treatment for the Medical Industry Wet Abrasive Blasting Allard Vapour Blasting Services


Owing to its ability to debur metal objects and remove sharp edges, as well as create satin and glossy finishes, wet blasting is often applied to medical grade implants as well as components for medical and surgical devices, such as tools and parts for various medical machines.

Parts Cleaning and Surface Pre-Treatment for the Marine Industry Allard Vapour Blasting Services


Stainless steel applications makes wet blasting a popular treatment choice for marine components such as anchor shackles, pulleys and eye plates. As wet blasting is nontoxic and approved for stainless applications it is perfect for applying to products that require no final treatments, but simply clean smooth surfaces. Barnacle removal from various components is a popular request.

Parts Cleaning and Surface Pre-Treatment for the Automotive Industry Allard Vapour Blasting Services


Wet abrasive blasting degreases automotive parts effectively, cleaning them and keeping them aesthetically attractive and shiny for longer. Vapour blasting can be applied to parts such as engines, gearboxes, carburettors and diff casing to name but a few. In fact treatment of classic car and motorbike parts has very popular industry and is one of our primary demands.

Parts Cleaning and Surface Pre-Treatment for the Aviation Industry Allard Vapour Blasting Services


Due to strict industry regulations regarding cleaning and removal of sharp edges and possible fatigue fracturing, components used in the aviation industry require particular attention and greatly benefit from a sympathetic wet blasting process. Wet blasting is effective at cleaning particularly hard to reach areas such as the cooling fins on some older air cooled engines.


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